Twirling in the Rain

There is nothing better to my Bitty than a rainy day. Whether it is a sprinkle or a down pour she is ready to run out the door with our umbrella! The umbrella is a magical prop and she loves to run, jump, skip and hop imagining she is Mary Poppins flying into the sky or a princess Troll under the safety of a mushroom. Either way, it is raining here and Bitty has a new kitty cat dress that we wanted to share with you!

If you read Friends that Sew Together this dress will look familiar. It is another Pepper style dress and I fell in love with this fun Day of the Dead colorful kitty fabric and ordered way more than I need! However,  Bit has an undying love for her kitties and I don’t see this fabric falling out of favor with her any time in the near future.

This skirt is so full without needing the help of an underskirt.
Twirl Baby Twirl!

Of course after all that twirling we need to see if we can carry the umbrella with just our teeth! A little zombie-ish here…AAHHHH I’M GOING TO CATCH YOU IN MY UMBRELLA WEB FOREVER

Bitty reminds me to have fun on the rainy days! We hope you have fun on your rainy days too!