Helicopter Twirl

My Bitty has a favorite skirt. As soon as she spots it clean in the laundry basket it’s on. She sleeps with it over her zip up jammies, and runs, jumps and swings outside-sashaying it all around. She vegges out with it eating goldfish and watching PJ Masks, then sways, hops and dos-a-dos it to “5 Foot 2,” her favorite song her daddy sings every night on his ukulele.

This is her Sweet Tea Skirt which is light enough for all year wear and heavy enough to produce a full on helicopter twirl. I first tried my hand at this skirt for Bitty’s cousin’s birthday tea party back in April. Each girl got their own version of the Sweet Tea and all of them, aged 3 to 6, just loved them.

I have made my daughter so many dresses, skirts and shorts, working for hours at night after she goes to bed and this is the first item she has stayed completely enamored with (she’s pretty fickle). This skirt is rugged! It has been through the ringer with her constant motion and being tossed in the washer and dryer too many times to count but still holds a great shape. There is nothing quite like this easy slip on skirt to my girl, and I see many, many more of these in our future!

This is another Violette Field Threads pattern. They are my go to for beautiful timeless pieces.

Update: If you would like skirt dress made for your little bitty you can contact me with your child’s waist, hips and height measurements in inches (best way to measure for perfect fit is over undergarments only). We will decide on the best size and look for your bitty and a personal link will be generated to complete your order. The price list for this custom made skirt is below.

Size: 2T- 5= $45;     6-9, 10= $55