I decided to try a new skirt for Miss Bitty. She loves her skirts the best lately. Her Sweet Tea skirt is worn about 75% of the week (even to bed). While the Sweet Tea is in the laundry I figured it was time to try a new skirt.

This pattern comes from Simple Life Pattern Company and I just love the little peekaboo cinch bow. We’ve been bitten by a couple of cool nights so I’m thinking past Halloween and moving on to winter! I had a really sweet polar bear/penguin fabric that I have been holding onto since last year. It has tiny silver glitter woven into the fabric and I thought why not pair with white polar fleece and make the perfect winter skirt.

I think I almost lost my mind making ruffles with polar fleece however. I broke three needles and almost lost an eye but finished. It isn’t perfect as the thickness of the polar fleece made handling difficult however Bitty approved and wore it all day! Mission accomplished. Yay!

I’ve got to work on the bow tie as well. The black fabric is actually home decor so it too gave me fits fraying and also does not tie too well.  I like to try the impossible, but this week I have to say I’ve learned my lesson. Good thing she’s in love…for today anyway 😉