Turkey Tails and Leaf Crowns

I guess you could tell from my teasers that Bitty has a new fall skirt! I was so excited when I found this critter fabric at Hobby Lobby. If you sew (esp. for littles) I do recommend most of their fabric. It’s cute without being overly expensive. Clothes for my three year old are often ruined the day she wears them, so I’m not always looking to buy the cream of the crop right now.  I love the little critters and it is just perfect for Thanksgiving, which I couldn’t believe is NEXT WEEK!! Wow, how this year has flown by.

I had planned to make her a plum shirt to go with the skirt but my machine started squeaking and it was past time for a tune up so she had to go to the shop. The top will just have to be made after the fact, and she seems to be just fine with that.

I absolutely adore this pattern from Simple Life Company. I used woven cotton and some stretch faux suede (which is a real pain to work with btw). I like the faux suede because it sticks to the cotton and mimics the bottom ruffles but it also has a tendency to look flat due to this as well.

Notice the shadow leaf crown?! So fitting for my little nature loving gal.

Bitty is fascinated with mushrooms! We will give her a doggy bag and she’ll come back with it full of little fungi! Here she is touching Turkey Tails, pretty common but non-edible boo…

Bitty is still a little on the puny side from being sick with hand, foot, mouth, which spread to the family. If you have experience with it you feel our pain. If not, imagine the entire surface of your gums inflamed with canker sores. It’s pretty horrible.

Peekaboo. Her top bow is a little fun addition that can be tied every which way.  Bitty loved it, so I see more in our future! **A nice little photo bomb from our crazy dog. She’s probably jealous she doesn’t have a bow too…

I love that Bitty is not afraid to be a little rough and tumble. This skirt is long enough to give her plenty of room to run and climb gracefully. Bitty’s shirt is Persnickety, jacket is Oshkosh, boots are Kohl’s, and socks from Amazon.

Simple Life Pattern Company has some great patterns to check out if you are a sewist. I especially love their ruffle shirt and of course this peek-a-boo skirt is high on Bit’s list.

Update: If you would like this skirt made for your little bitty you can contact me with your child’s waist, hips and height measurements in inches (best way to measure for perfect fit is over undergarments only). We will decide on the best size and look for your bitty and a personal link will be generated to complete your order. The price list for this custom made skirt is below.

Sizes 2T- 5= $45;   6, 7,  8= $50;    10-12=$55