That Little Twinkle in Her Eyes

I just want to share with you some unbelievably stunning photos captured by my friend, Tamera.  She messaged me with two requests: owls and purple for her almost 4 year old beautiful niece. We settled on an abstract repeating pattern from Tula and the Emmaline pattern from Violette Field Threads. Once it was shipped I have to admit, I felt butterflies. The fabric was rich in color and texture and came together effortlessly. It was owls and purple and beautiful. I packed it up and shipped it off hoping it would fit and that her niece would love it. Tamera and her soon to be, Jeremie are opening their wedding venue in Spring 2018. These pictures are from this property:

A princess practicing her curtsy or walking the grounds of her estate? Looks like it to me.

Smiling from ear to ear with that little twinkle in her eyes, melts my heart!

This picture took my breath away. An angel dancing in a divine grove; a true southern belle.

I want to thank Tamera from Serene Vibes Photography and this beautiful barefoot Bitty’s parents for allowing me to use her images in my blog!  I hope this dress grows with you for a very long time, sweetheart <3

Update: If you would like this dress made for your little bitty you can contact me with your child’s chest, waist, hips and height measurements in inches (best way to measure for perfect fit is over undergarments only). We will decide on the best size for your bitty and a personal link will be generated to complete your order. The price list for this custom made dress is below.

Sizing:    2T, 3T, 4T = $55;      5, 6 = $65;      7, 8, 9-10 = $75