Save this Happy Dance, Bitty Ballerina

Before my daughter became obsessed with My Little Pony two weeks ago, I started the Margot from Violette Field Threads. Margot is an older pattern in their collection but features and hi-lo hem and a wider neckline. I subbed the stiff cuffed sleeves for ruffles for my active 3 year old.

The main dress fabric is light pink with shiny gold polka-dot. It’s jersey knit paired with straight (woven) cotton polka-dot ruffles. She instantly fell in love with it the minute she saw it. “Oh, my ballerina princess gown” actually fell out of her mouth.

I really like the fluidity to this dress. A size 3 came out a little big in the neck and slightly long on my petite Bitty. She will be able to grow into it a little over the season. Right now it reminds me a little of a nightgown (but I’m sure she will be wearing this to bed anyway soon since she’s taken up wearing actual clothes to bed too).

I got a kick out of watching her run around in this little number. It had movement all its own and seemed so happy to be dancing with her. It beamed while singing the most cheerful tune with its ruffles flitting about right along side my Bitty.

One last shot before heading out to get her brother from school. You really can’t beat a smile like that!

This is one of my favorite simple patterns from VFT. If you sew check them out. If you don’t contact me to make something dance with your Bitty ballerina.