Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

My boy is always left out of all the fun…from the clothes, to the pictures, to just the feeling that mom “made me” something. If you know anything about me or my sewing you know that I’m very picky about boy patterns. I’m not about to sew up something I can buy from Kohl’s for $5. Usually boy patterns are either one of two things: very basic or bizarre.

So, when I came across this fun hooded vest my eyes lit up. It was fun, playful and cute. With a couple changes I knew this would be great!

On Christmas morning I laid it out and when he came in the living room and saw it, he glowed! He loves the bear ears on the hood, the softness of the fur, and how warm the lining keeps him. We’ve been out several times since Christmas and it’s the one he grabs. He loves it! And, the fact that Granddaddy made his bear claw button is the icing on the cake.

Yes, I finally achieved something I have wanted to do since I started sewing up clothes for my daughter! He’s thrilled and I’m overjoyed, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled when picking pretty dresses and may even try my hand at my own patterning…

This pattern is from Little Lizard King. If you sew, check them out. If not, contact me to discuss something for the little guy in your life.