Never Say Never

When we found out our second bundle was going to be a little girl we were overjoyed! I had visions of tea parties and dress up and just girl time. She was going to be my sugarplum baby girl and she’s definitely lived up to that.

Before she was born there were a couple of things I had sworn off that my little Bitty would never wear.  First being ruffles. Ruffles were the rage down here. They were huge and tripled on the sleeves and pants and pretty much anywhere else they could be stuffed on a garment. I thought it looked a little clownish. My second pet peeve was monogramming. Everything was monogrammed, always with the initials in the same swirly scrawl.  It felt monotonous, overdone, and too boring for my gal.

Hold that thought…

But…..Fast forward three years with a new sewing and embroidery machine, and my gal has a dress in the works donning her first intial and many items with ruffles….so, I guess it was a little premature to form such a hardened opinion. I mean just look at her new jacket complete with a double ruffle….so I’ve walked myself back a bit and the old cliche, never say never, holds true once more.

Just look at those ruffles!

In other news, we were hit by snow again and this time blanketed with 3+ inches. The town has been shut down for three days and the kids have definitely been enjoying their impromptu vacation. We aren’t much for going out in the cold, but when the clouds drift off and the thermometer reads close to 50 with the sun shining down, we cannot keep ourselves away from that glittery powder.

This jacket is beautiful and classy, fully lined, and closes with buttons (or in this case hook & eyes). The pairing of the flower/bird flannel and magenta checks screams, “I’m dreaming of spring.” It’s bright, colorful, has pockets and is the perfect jacket to get through these last two winter months and hop into early spring.

Enjoyed making this knockout from my favorite, Violette Field Threads.

Anyone else see the heart in the snow between these two?! I just about died <3

Update: If you would like this jacket made for your little bitty you can contact me with your child’s chest, waist, height measurements in inches (best way to measure for perfect fit is over undergarments only). We will decide on the best size and look for your bitty and a personal link will be generated to complete your order. The price list for this custom made jacket is below.

Price per size: 2T-5= $50;   6-9,10=$60