In our family, there is nothing like spending time out in the open air. Taking a walk, listening to the birds, noticing life in front of you. It is wonderful to go to places that force you to slow down and take notice of you, your breath, your meekness. Too much, I find I get caught up in the pessimistic atmosphere of our world, the all consuming human world. I begin to feel like a lone puzzle piece forgotten on the floor. I am so wrapped up in my own existence that I absentmindedly dismiss the fact that I am a part of an infinitely larger picture – connected to an entire biome of diversity that keeps all life progressing and with that keeps me centered. On this beautiful February day, Bitty and I got out and enjoyed an easy trail walk.

When she got home from school, I asked her if she wanted to go to the mountain and see the waterfall. With a emphatic and enthusiastic, YES, we were off and down the trail.

We got to the waterfall and Bit was taken by it both in beauty and in its awesome roar.

We took some moments to sit and just be. Nothing but the sounds of life around us.

Changing up the routine was good for our souls. Made us feel light in heavy times.

To truly feel a belly laugh, to be free to pretend and dream…

“It’s my own enchanted forest”

& to discover how perfect and amazing life really is, is what keeps us grounded and able to turn the corners of our mouth up instead of down. What a wonderful day this was in so many ways!

What a cool discovery…a tiny snail!

This pattern is by Violette Field Threads. If you sew, check them out.

If you don’t sew but would like this dress made for your little bitty you can contact me with your child’s chest, waist, and height measurements in inches (best way to measure for perfect fit is over undergarments only). We will decide on the best size and look for your bitty and a personal link will be generated to complete your order. The price list for this custom made dress is below.

Size: 2T- 5= $75;       6- 9,10= $85.