Hello Again

I’ve been itching to start this blog up again! I took a much needed break to evaluate what I wanted out of my hobby and how best to move forward. Over the past year I have been heavy into youth pattern testing and promoting. I have really enjoyed sewing many new outfits for my little girl and being able to sneak a couple in for my dapper dude as I go.

With this being my first post in quite some time, I thought I would discuss some of my favorite looks from over this past year and then continue a series on pattern testing with what you need to know (pro’s/con’s) if you think you would be interested. Let’s get started!

1) Little Lizard King has been the main company with which I have been volunteering my time. I have had many successes with their clothes and their group of testers and designers are really a fun bunch to work with. Over the past year, three looks really stand out as favorites of mine:

First, the Chelton pattern is a duo of either shirt or dress. My daughter chose the shirt version. I love that it buttons up the front and the neckline is cute and different without being sexy.

Fiora– This is meant as a knit/woven combo dress. It is a *new (or revamped) release and offers more options (sash, sleeve lengths, hems, etc) than the previous version. I like this pattern because it allows me to use up those knit scraps I’ve been hoarding and whip them into cute wearable dresses.

London– This fully knit pattern is a slight challenge for the beginner but produces fantastic results! There are two versions of the London, the leotard and the dress. My daughter liked her leotard best and I can’t say I blame her. This was her first momma made leotard in a closet full of dresses and it has gotten the most wear of any of her items. The back is so pretty with the criss cross straps and the little details like the bows on the sleeves makes this look a winner.

2) Made for Mermaids has been my go to for boy patterns! My son loves when I am able to find something to sew for him.

Lee Raglan a great basic tee for boys with an option to sew a button up placket in the front. Very easy as a t-shirt, however I do believe you should up your needle to 90 when sewing the placket as certain areas have many layers, causing stress on the needle which may break (watch your fingers when pushing the bulk of fabric under the foot also).

Jordan–this is a hooded shirt. Several options are included in this pattern. I only had time to sew it once, but really love the results and I plan on more for the fall.

3) Eunoia has had a name change in the past year so you may be more familiar with them by Karrington Paige Designs. Although I don’t test for them often, they have a unique perspective on design that I appreciate.

Synnöve – This little dress is so perfect for spring or summer. The tiers, the back, the twirl – all add up to simply gorgeous! I used batiste and tried my hand at painting. This dress makes a lovely blank canvas to express your inner artist. A beginner friendly pattern with excellent results. You won’t be disappointed!

So there they are! My favorite patterns over the year from a variety of companies. If you sew, tell me about the favorite treats you stitched up in the comments! If you would like to see all of my makes hop on over to Instagram and check me out @Bittybopshop where I post regularly.

Join me next blog where we will discuss the what’s and why’s of being a pattern tester. Until then, happy sewing!