Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my page and welcome to BittyBopShop! I’ve been interested in sewing for many years and initially started with quilting. I loved how little strips and shapes could come together and create beauty. In the years that followed I had children and the sewing machine was put away in the closet and pulled out for minor repairs or some upholstery work, but pretty much collected dust. About a year ago, I pulled it out again, dusted it off and began working with clothing patterns for my daughter. The kids were on more of a schedule and I could get some night time sewing in. I did not expect to fall in love with creating outfits and frilly dresses and the occasional item for myself, but I did. I’ve come a long way in a year and have shared many of the items on my Facebook page.  Some of you have asked me to open a shop, so I did. There aren’t any items in it yet because I am still figuring out the direction I want to go. For now, I will be blogging about what I’ve created and make myself available for a couple of side projects a month. I will post items for sale here and there as I go.  If you want to connect with me and talk about a custom order for your little sunshine please Contact Me for ideas and pricing.