Sparkle Wherever You Go

A couple of posts back I wrote about a contest running on my page to win a dress from the shop. The little girl that won loved unicorns, purple and sparkle.  Her mom and I settled on a really fun and colorful fabric that tied all the elements together.  When it was done and sent off her mom said…I’ll get some pictures for you:

My mouth fell open at the beauty in the images and the vivaciousness of this little model. Just look at this happy girl hiking in her new dress!!

Such a spunky little thing, full of life and taking on the world with a playful side. It’s not everyday you get a contortionist to model 😉 Really, how does she do that?

Just hanging around…taking in the view from upside down.

After all that play, it is time for a little Zen. Breathe in, breathe out and just sit and be…

And she glides into the woods so effortlessly on another adventure, leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes!

This was so much fun to do for you guys and I hope you get a lot of wear and tear out of your new dress! Little doll, you are the whole embodiment of what a child is, high energy, inquisitive, laughter and lightheartedness and I know this post is going to bring many smiles! Thank you for letting me use your fun and creative pictures!

* All photos are taken by Emily Malsam at Craggy Gardens.

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